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Lack of interest and belief in the ineffective voice

Lack of trust in political parties and the belief that one's vote has no influence are two of many reasons that participation in political discourse in Germany is limited. This leads to disenchantment with politics, resulting in fewer voices and opinions being heard.

"How much do you trust the political parties?" from spring 2021. The three answers are shown as a pie chart. 
Answer One: Rather not trust 66%
Answer Two: Rather trust 30%
Answer Two: Don't know 4%
Bundestag voter turnout from 1998 to 2021
Worst turnout in 2009 with 70.9
Turnout in 2021: 76.6

Disenchantment with politics must not be a permanent theme

This disenchantment was most noticeable in 2009 and led to the lowest voter turnout in federal elections in Germany. Since 2013, however, this voter turnout has experienced a steady increase, which, however, threatens to level off. This positive momentum needs to be strengthened again.

Create easy access to relevant topics

Political issues are multifaceted and difficult to grasp. That is why political experts prepare these topics in an easily understandable way. By using the smartphone as a channel, a broad mass can be reached for this important content. We call this "digital empowerment".

Three app screens with a selection of messages in card format
Three app screens with the possibility to vote on motions in the Bundestag with Reject, Not sure/Neutral and Agree.

Platform for political participation and engagement

Contextualisation is the first priority of FollowTheVote. At the same time, political sovereignty is promoted by means of decisions made in the app. This sovereignty is then picked up and reinforced in further offers (e.g. signing petitions).

Our Impact

Greater participation in political discourse

FollowTheVote is committed to a new way of political participation. We are proud to continue to support the team around Maren Heinz and Frank Lehmann: with uncomplicated communication, innovative ideas and meaningful actions.

Reduced Inequalities
Peace, justice and strong institutions
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